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March Auction - Closed March 18, 2010 -

Item Photo Description Price Bidder
443 t443-1.JPGLarge Assortment Of Antique Books Including 4 Diaries From the 1870's, 2 Books Of Post Cards From The Early 1900's, 1860 Booklet Edition "Manual Of Artillery Excercises" and 1886 Print Of "History Of The United States"

Also includes 36 Little Leather Library The Rederoft Editions featuring "The Tempest" By Shakespeare, "Speeches and Addresses" by Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, A Christmas Carol, Mini Poem Book By Robert Burns, Framed Print, Framed Painting and Metal Stencil Stamp Print By JJ Francis. Box: Height 12.5", Width 12.5", Depth 12.5"

History of the United States is missing cover. Some Rederoft Edition books have deteriorating covers.

Sales Tax Will Not Be Assessed On This Item

Owner: Estate of Rip and Rose Sutton

A 10% buyer's premium applies to the sale of this lot.

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145.00 1084