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July Auction - Closed Thursday, July 21st, 2011 - Beginning at 2:00 PM CT

Item Photo Description Price Bidder
183 t183-1.JPGFramed Wood Block Print Titled Kansas Creek Signed by Birger Sandzén (Swedish, 1871-1954)

Lot comes with Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery pamphlet. For more information on Birger Sandzén, please visit

Print: Height 8", Width 11". Frame: Width 0.5".
Notes on Condition
There are small scratches in the top left hand corner of the frame.
Tax Information
Sales tax will not be assessed on this item.

Owner: Estate of Stephen Ferris
Buyer's Premium
A 10% buyer's premium applies to the sale of this lot.
Auction Agent for this Consignment
Patti Baldini
Patti's Staff Page
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